“Deb has consistently impressed me with her ability to quickly put ideas and concepts into concise persuasive language. She worked on some projects for my business and was so easy to communicate with, and she set and met the deadlines we created. If you don’t have the time to write or you don’t feel confident in your writing, I highly recommend reaching out to Deb.”

Joy Bufalini
Owner, Upgrade Your Business

Hi, I’m Deb Belluomini. Welcome to Bell Creative Communications. As a marketing, advertising, and public relations copywriter, I work with business professionals just like you who need content that informs, persuades, and motivates your target audience to take action. I can help you promote your product, service, business, or organization through the creation of messaging that uniquely connects with your audience and cuts through the clutter of other media messages.

My Story

When I was a kid, my favorite thing was to write little stories. My spelling wasn’t perfect and my plots were usually a weird spin on standard fairy tales, but I loved putting words together in a way that communicated my ideas.

I found out early on in life that I had a talent for writing. In high school, an English teacher (wrongly) accused me of plagiarism because the paper I submitted for an assignment was “too good.” In college, I worked as a staff writer on the college newspaper while earning a degree in English.

I followed up my undergraduate degree with a graduate degree in communications, and then worked for years as a journalist. It was a natural transition, then, for me to move on to teach journalism, public relations writing, and advertising writing at the university level.

What I didn’t see coming was my career switch to marketing/advertising/copywriter, which turned out to be the ultimate perfect fit for my researcher/writer/creative/marketer mind. Throw in experience as a publications specialist, web content specialist, and creative director, and all signs pointed to starting my own freelance writing business.

If you’re lucky, you know the work you’re best suited to do in life, and I do.

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Nothing bores me more than doing the same thing all the time. I like stepping outside of my comfort zone, which is perfect for a writer because you’re meeting new people and learning and doing new stuff all the time.

That explains, in part, the contents of the list below, which is a highlight reel of the work I’ve been doing for the past few decades.

    • Journalist (hard news and features)
    • University writing instructor (journalism, advertising, public relations)
    • Corporate marketing and advertising copywriter (long- and short-form television, video, and radio scripts; blog posts, print ads, web content, brochures, newsletter articles, etc.)
    • Freelance writer and editor (see list above)
    • Creative director

I’m based in Pittsburgh, PA, and work with local, national, and international clients.

It’s safe to say that writing content yourself is actually going to cost you time and money when you could be doing more important things. Don’t forget, too, that your content has to beat out the competition in a very crowded field of marketing messages that are written professionally. So, if you want a copywriter, who…

    • does the work right – the first time,
    • is super easy to work with,
    • understands how to incorporate less-than-sexy but necessary industry regulatory language or requirements into your key messaging,
    • can decipher complex ideas for your target audience,
    • combines content strategy and development with a consistent message and voice,
    • doesn’t shy away from research to make your message fresh and relevant,
    • knows how to leverage industry trends, news, and product or service information in a way that engages and motivates,

    …then we should talk.

I get this question a lot, and sometimes I answer by asking if a list of awards really matters. Of course, awards are always nice to receive and they validate (sort of) the quality of the work, but in the words of British advertising pioneer David Ogilvy – the Seth Godin of his time – when I write something, I don’t want you to tell me how creative it is. I want you to find it so interesting that you buy the product or service. Isn’t that what we’re really talking about here?

But, to answer the question, here’s the short list:

    • National Telly Awards, Gold and Finalist
    • Women in Communications, Pittsburgh Chapter, Matrix Award, First Place
    • Admissions Advertising Awards, Gold and Silver
    • Public Relations Society of America Renaissance Awards, Merit Certificate
    • American Advertising Awards, Collateral Division, Certificate of Merit
    • Women in Communications, Pittsburgh Chapter, Matrix Award, First Place and Honorable Mention
    • Admissions Advertising Awards, Gold and Silver
I work with:

    • marketing and advertising agencies that need help with copywriting for all types of media,
    • graphic designers who need content to populate their clients’ projects,
    • new business owners who want to establish or build their brand/product/service,
    • public relations firms,
    • college and university communications professionals,
    • and many more types of clients.

As for subject matter, I specialize in copywriting for the fields of higher education and sustainability, but I don’t limit myself to those. I’ve had happy clients in the areas of aerospace, heavy industry, the financial services and legal sectors, the food industry, and more.

Every project is different, so before I provide a project quote I’ll want to talk to you about the scope of the work you need and the deliverables. Once that’s pinned down, my goal is to produce value in the form of content that generates great results, that meets your unique requirements, and that’s delivered on time.

I take your financial investment in my experience and expertise very seriously. That being said, if you hire a writer who doesn’t deliver quality work, you’ll waste your time and money. To generate results, you need expertly crafted, customized content that connects with your target audience and motivates them to take action.

If you’re interested in learning more or talking to me about your project, click on the ‘Get Started’ button below and fill out the contact form. I’ll get back to you quickly!